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Congratulations ib.Dirty, PP, & Railfodder!

Last night we wrapped up our March Madness Quake II Tournament in style. From 9PM to 12AM the server was hopping and the frag count was sky rocketing. It was a good time for sure. Here are the final results along with their respective prizes:

  1. ib.Dirty : 3338 frags - $50 Gift Card
  2. PP : 2177 frags - $25 Gift Card
  3. Railfodder : 1483 frags - $10 Gift Card
Congratulations guys!I would like to thank everyone who participated during the month. We had approximately 150 different people connect over the 31 days with a total of 25,379 frags. Not bad for a dead server.I would also like ...

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March Madness Ends This Friday!!

Just a reminder that our March Madness Contest ends on Friday at midnight. I thought I should point out that Radiskull, Jek, and myself (Tebroc) are NOT in the running for the 3 prizes that will awarded So hopefully that will be encouraging for a few of you to keep fragging! The prizes will be a $50 dollar gift card for first, $25 for second, and $10 for third. The winners will have their choice of either EB, GameStop, or BestBuy cards. Good luck!Oh yeah, last week we added the 2003 website skin to the menu on the left for those that prefer the old Quake II look (it kind of matches the message ...

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March Madness is Heating Up!

We aren't even through the second week of our March Madness Quake II contest and we've already logged over 7400+ frags on the server with 80+ players in the logs (Blood even connected... on an Ultra Spark with a CAD card mind you, but it was great to see him!) Not bad for a server that hasn't had much of a workout in the last 6 months. The vibe in the server has been fantastic, I think the level of respect and maturity between players has been awesome as well. It seems that a lot of us are having more fun with it now then from when we played a few years ago. To keep things hopp'in, our main ma ...

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The Madness Continues

As the resident madman here at GVN, my job is to make sure that the sanity level is always at a minimum. While I was doing some research in our Madness Propulsion Laboratory, I found a way to increase the madness at GVN twofold. I have upped the March Madness contest winnings to $40. Yes, you read it correctly, a four with one zero. Take a minute and let that sink in.Hopefully this will bring all of the crazies out of the woodwork and into the DM.


March Madness on GVN!

For years you've played Quake. You join the server, you get some kills, you quit and your done. A time sink I tell you! Not so in the month of March on GVN. Why? Because this month we are trying something new. I'm branding it "March Madness®". So what is so "Mad" about March on GVN? We are going to offer up a prize to whoever can rack up the most frags in Quake 2. Starting today (the 1st), the stats will be reset and you'll each have the entire month of March to frag your fellow GVN comrades to take the top prize. Think of it this way, you have the chance to get paid to play Qua ...

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